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This superb collection of beautiful leather-bound Swedish Literature books contains 14 books, in warm rich tones of dark reddish tan with gold leaf embossing. The books are part of a series with several duplications titled Jean-Christophe (1904‒1912), a novel in 10 volumes by French author Romain Rolland for which he received the Prix Femina in 1905 and the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1915. The central character, Jean-Christophe Krafft, is a German musician of Belgian extraction, a composer of genius whose life is depicted from cradle to grave. He undergoes great hardships and spiritual struggles, balancing his pride in his own talents with the necessity of earning a living and taking care of those around him. Tormented by injustices against his friends, forced to flee on several occasions as a result of his brushes with authority and his own conscience, he finally finds peace in a remote corner of Switzerland before returning in triumph to Paris a decade later.

Aside from a few books that have minor scuffs and scratches, these books are all in very good condition and would beautifully enhance any bookcase or library. The books measure 19 ¼ in- 49 cm wide, with a book height of 7 ½ in – 19 cm and a depth of 5 1/8 in – 13 cm.  Please note, the books pictured are the actual books you will receive.