Painting of Eos after Landseer



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This lovely reproduction of Eos is after the original painting by Landseer, and is unsigned. The painting is very well executed and the artist has captured the greyhound’s expression beautifully. The original work was commissioned in 1841 by Queen Victoria as a surprise Christmas gift for her husband, Prince Albert. The painting depicts the prince’s favourite greyhound, standing proud and handsome. She is shown guarding her master’s belongings, hinting at the dog’s loyalty to the prince and the close relationship the pair shared.  It measures 55 in – 140 cm wide by 43 ¼ in – 109.8 cm high and is unframed.

Sir Edwin Henry Landseer RA (7 March 1802 – 1 October 1873) was a prominent English painter and sculptor of the period, well-known for his paintings of animals — particularly horses, dogs, and stags. However, his best known works are the lion sculptures in Trafalgar Square.